Fare Thee Well

Intentional Living. Conscious Dying.

Rachael Klos, MA

End of Life Educator & Death Doula

Life. Death. Grief.

Let’s do them better.

Throughout the collective experiences of life and death, 

we provide non-medical support and guidance 

for the mind, body, and spirit to individuals of any age and their families. 

Our mission is to normalize death and grief 

while cultivating intentional living, conscious dying, and purposeful grieving.

For the Living:

At any age and stage of life, death exploration has expansive advantages. Through designing your death you will prioritize your life, leading to a more intentional and meaningful presence. None of us are promised tomorrow. Organizing your personal wishes around the end of life is a gift that brings comfort to your loved ones and peace of mind to you.

For the Dying:

Ease away as you wish. A vigil is that precious time when the living lovingly tend to the dying. Your vigil can be deeply personal, and will fully embody your soul’s desires. By including your circle of loved ones in your final journey, you give the gift of meaning and purpose in your death. In addition, an After Death Care Plan ensures your wishes are met at every step. Embrace a conscious death on your terms.

For the Grieving:

There is no “right way” to mourn or grieve. One must navigate the very personal waters of our own grief ocean as the seas continue to ebb and flow throughout life. Forget everything our culture has told you about grief; instead, engage in a profound grief study to process death in your life and learn strategies that are best for you. 

For the Families…

…of sick and dying children – we are so very sorry. We recognize you are simultaneously living, dying, and grieving for your child, for yourselves, for your family, and for your future. We realize there is nothing we can say to alleviate your pain and fear. Just please know you are not alone. We have navigated this terrifying terrain with our own family; and we hope to walk alongside you with yours.

Death is our greatest teacher. When we define Conscious Dying for ourselves, we realize where our priorities lie in this life. It is through this personal death exploration that we can begin intentional living and experience a truly meaningful presence. 

Rachael Klos, Founder

Allow us the gift of bearing witness during life, through death, and in grief.

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“Endings matter, not just for the person

but, perhaps even more, for the ones left behind.”

– Atul Gawande